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Remember back to the last time you got stuck or frustrated working with one of your online tools. Maybe you wanted to get your Shopify site to look more custom and on-brand. Maybe you wanted to send a better looking newsletter using MailChimp. No matter what it was, odds are you were at your computer, looking at Shopify, or MailChimp, or WordPress as you started to pull out your hair.

Wouldn’t it be great if at that moment of frustration, you could click a button and quickly connect to a Shopify or Mailchimp or Unbounce expert and have them do it for you?

Lorem's Chrome extension helps us create a

magical experience

three important ways

in these

Available when and where you need help

Here's Lorem in Shopify

You'll see Lorem in these tools and more

Seamless work across tools

So often, projects require more than one tool. Here’s an example: I wanted to create an Unbounce landing page - publish it to our WordPress website - and make sure it was properly tracked in our Google Analytics.

Here I am starting the job in Unbounce

My Expert, Clayton asked me a follow up question in WordPress

And here he is teaching me about Google Analytics

In the moment, it becomes obvious that Clayton should just come with me as I go between these tools.  

The experience: Working remotely becomes more fluid and natural. The walls that exist between the 15 different tools I use to run and market my company fade away.

Multitasking + Communication

Your expert is off to work

You move on and go about your work day. Maybe you are sending emails or writing in Google docs.

Then, your expert has an update to share about the project.

Like someone tapping you on the shoulder in real life, you get a notification and can open the chat without leaving your current window. 

This communication across browser windows lets you multitask and brings important updates to you with minimal interruption. 

Your project keeps moving quickly